About Us

Peninsula Respite Farm is owned and operated by Leonie, a Registered Nurse for over 35 years with extensive experience in managing the physical and emotional needs of individuals. Along with husband, Tony we offer something unique and innovative, in that we genuinely care for and support people within our own home. We go to great lengths to ensure all guests have a memorable, fun and fantastic holiday with various farm activities and choice of great day trips.

We will only accept the maximum of 4 guests at one time to ensure a personalized and homely stay for our clients

We are able to offer emergency respite care, also should the need arise we can negotiate pickup and drop-off guests travel to their home.

Our aim is to ensure families and guests have the peace of mind that they are in a truly wonderful and safe environment supported by people who are genuine and are passionate about what they do

You are most welcome to drop-in for a coffee and we will be very happy to show you around prior to your stay or if you are thinking about a possible stay in the future.


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